Dual Control

The machine is very easy to fly when in the air, a very little movement of the joy stick and rudder being required to correct ‘bumps’ etc. I have found very little difficulty in flying straight, but I have great tendency to let the machine climb. This is probably due to the machine being ‘tail heavy’. On training I am using too much bank and rudder the former is if anything a good fault, the latter must be overcome because this machine has a balanced rudder, consequently if I use too much I will be liable to get into a flat spin which is very dangerous and puts a heavy strain on the machine. In taking off I have been letting the machine swing, if I swing badly I will wipe off the under carriage and crash. Landing I have found quite easy, it is supposed to be the most difficult part of flying.

On Dual control one is simply shown the way to fly straight, turn and land, one evidently has to teach oneself the way to stunt, this I think is rather a good plan. I have just been pronounced fit for solo, I am not feeling in the least scared. I am quite confident I can fly I am more worried about not putting up a good show and losing my prop when I land (to loose ones prop is to let the engine stop running) than any thing else. Every one has asked me what sort of flowers I like best, & if I would prefer a wreath or a cross, but this performance all first soloists all have to go though before taking off.



1st Solo


The Flying Diary of Wallace A Smart