First blood

When on an O.P. we attacked a large formation of Albatross scouts. We employed the dive and zoom tactics, on my second dive I could not get my engine, consequently I had to go clean though their formation. I fully expected to get shot down, so I decided to sell my life dearly. One hun tried to turn above and in front of me. I pulled up at him and fired a drum of Lewis into him. I hit his aileron clean off and I must have hit his engine also, because he went down in a side slip and at about 45o laterally. I did not see it crash, but it must have been just S.E. of A— as the scrap took place at P— wood at 14,000. I managed to pick my engine up immediately after shooting this hun down. I was officially credited with that hun as out of control[31 May].

Nothing particularly startling happened while on that sector except that on one patrol I got badly shot up from the ground when chasing a hun two seater at a height of 1,000’. I got seven bullets just behind my seat, two through the “office” just in front of me, and several through the fuselage and wings. Besides this I officially shared, I think, it is four huns; all crashed.



August 8

The Flying Diary of Wallace A Smart