On Active Service 18/4/18

I arrived at Boulogne at 4.30pm on the 13th April. I had very little time at Boulogne. We left by lorry at 6pm arriving at S- at 11pm.

There were some fifty pilots (all officers) all piled into one ‘Nissen’ hut, so what with kit etc we had room to sleep but no more.

I spent five days at S- doing a little machine gun practice (S- was a pilots & observers gunnery training school)

On April 17th I was posted to No1 Squadron R.A.F. at 8pm on the 17th April 1918, I left for my squadron on the 18th at 8pm being very glad indeed to leave S-. I arrived at C Forrest about 10.30pm. I was introduced to the Major and all brother officers. They were a very good and sociable squadron.

The next morning I reported to the R.O. and gave him all the particulars he wanted. I then went to the m.g. range and did a little firing practice, stoppages, etc.

My first trip was just learning the country. I  crashed it in landing it was all together a damned bad show and must have created a rotten impression, but still it was done and it was no good crying over spilled milk, at the same time I determined to put up a better show next time.

My next trip was to have another look around the country. I got a fair look around and picked out quite a lot of land marks. I came down and made a fairly good landing. I did one practice formation, and one camera gun fight before going over the lines officially.


13First Trip Over The Lines


The Flying Diary of Wallace A Smart