The Richthofen circus

I first came in contact with the Richthofen circus[Richthofen] on August 8th 1918. As huns go they were quite a good crowd, and any amount of guts. With the exception of August 8th I have never been in a proper engagement with them, the nearest we ever got was the whole squadron being chased back to the lines, or rather three miles our own side of the line.

Personally I think we should have engaged them there and then. We were approximately of equal strength, there were twelve of us against fourteen of them, the huns being about fifteen hundred feet above us. They would not attack us. At the same time several of them dived and did some long range shooting at us from two to three hundred yards behind us. Needless to say they did not hit any one. It must have put a lot of heart  into them to see a complete British patrol edging to the lines.


24August 24th


The Flying Diary of Wallace A Smart